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St. Timothy Staff

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"Rejoice for our longtime dream will become real"

St. Timothy Catholic School is happy to share our 2018-2019 staff and new school with you. Our staff and leadership here at St. Tim's is made up of men and women who love, care and pray for every member of our school and church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our school office at 859-384-5100.

We are excited to start this new journey with our amazing staff and families.

Fr. Rick Bolte

Fr. Rick Bolte



Fr. Britton Hennessey

Parochial Vicar

Ms. Thomas

Deb Thomas


Amy Reed Office Manager

Amy Reed

Office Manager

Laura Riggs Administrative Assistant

Laura Riggs

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Kelly

Molly Kelly



Terri Schout



Shelby Hinkle

First Grade

Jessica Tretter 4th-5th Grade

Jessica Tretter

1st Grade

Katelyn Roberts 2nd grade

Katelyn Roberts

2nd Grade


Alyssa Steffey

2nd Grade


Lisa Wright

3rd Grade

Bridget Schleper 3rd grade

Bridget Schleper

4th Grade

Ashley Rehkamp 6th Grade

Ashley Rehkamp

5th Grade Homeroom

Kelly Pendergest 8th Grade

Kelly Pendergest

6th/7th Grade Homeroom
Technology Coordinator

Jeremy Lewton 7th Grade

Jeremy Lewton

8th Grade Homeroom


Pam Doremus

Middle School Teacher

Vanessa Moorman STREAM

Vanessa Moorman

Thunder Ignite Coordinator


Ann Merkley

Physical Education

Hannah Schomaker Art

Hannah Schomaker

S.T.R.E.A.M. / Art

Kris Lawler Intervention Specialist

Kris Lawler

Intervention Specialist

Jamie Bogner Intervention Specialist-Guidance

Jamie Bogner

Intervention / Counselor

Mary Erickson Speech Therapist

Mary Erickson

Speech Therapist

Allison Welch Instructional Aide

Allison Welch

Instructional Aide

Kathy Wagner Instructional Aide

Kathy Wagner

Instructional Aide

Coreen Hooper Instructional Aide

Coreen Hooper

Instructional Aide


Linley Depenbrock

Instructional Aide


Cynthia Auer

Instructional Aide


Beth Hagen

Cafeteria Manager


We are making a difference while helping others and learning.

Saint Timothy Catholic School has participated in Service Learning for the past six years and this dedication to helping others will be a vital part of our Faith in action within the curriculum.  Saint Timothy Catholic School and Preschool have received the Jefferson Award for Public Service for the past six years.  We are unwavering in our commitment to be a Service Learning School!

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