About St. Timothy

Saint Timothy Catholic School

Now enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year.  Call the School office to set up a tour for Preschool through 8th Grade: 859.384.5100

Our Faith

Our Faith is integrated into our lives and we live and teach our Faith in all that we do! The students will attend Mass twice a week, which will put their Faith in action through prayer, song, and intention. With the use of our Catholic curriculum, students will learn the fundamentals of our Faith and how to bring their own Faith to life. Our students contribute to our community through service learning projects; making a difference in the lives of others. Our students will connect with one another through Faith Buddies, Olympic Day and monthly assemblies where they work together in multi-modal activities. Our students will learn to be confident by using the gifts that God gave them to be themselves and help others. All this is part of our Faith -- The Faith we learn, live and love.

Our Mission

It is the mission of St. Timothy Catholic School to work together with families in providing quality education which compliments the worship, community, service learning and faith formation ingrained in all ministries of our parish. Together with families we will foster students regarding their religious, physical, emotional, social and educational development. Together we will strive to foster Catholic values that will guide students to become active and responsible citizens who embrace the teaching and the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ.

Our Students

Our students are provided with a nurturing atmosphere where they can grow academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally through the use of differentiated instruction, tiered lesson plans, and learning with individualized accommodations when needed. We want to help our students succeed in their educational journey - mind, body and spirit.


We are making a difference while helping others and learning.

Saint Timothy Catholic School has participated in Service Learning for the past six years and this dedication to helping others will be a vital part of our Faith in action within the curriculum.  Saint Timothy Catholic School and Preschool have received the Jefferson Award for Public Service for the past six years.  We are unwavering in our commitment to be a Service Learning School!