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In the primary grades at St. Timothy, we believe strongly that each student should be given his or her own opportunity to shine!

All learners have unique strengths that they bring into the learning community and we appreciate and recognize those strengths. We want students to feel connected and to know how they can contribute in their own special way.  As part of our commitment to teaching the “whole” child, the school administration, faculty, and staff provide a safe, caring environment that is not only conducive to learning but promotes student engagement.  We attempt to identify and nurture individual strengths and talents and to pinpoint potential obstacles to a child’s learning, with the support of our Response to Intervention team.

Through the utilization of assessment tools and progress monitoring, students’ needs are met through differentiation within the classroom and through various means outside of the classroom.  In addition, small group instruction and mixed-ability grouping are used as effective strategies to reach each learner.  With our Catholic faith serving as our guiding light, service learning projects are undertaken so that the students can personally experience the impact that they have on their community.



Living, Learning & Serving in the Light of Christ