Middle School

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Middle School at St. Timothy prepares each student for the more challenging learning environment to come in High School.

Through differentiated instruction, we push each student to their highest potential.  Sixth, seventh and eighth grades work closely together to build a learning community, rotating classrooms throughout the day.  The educational team focuses on a whole child approach, using Service Learning as a platform to introduce new subject matter and develop an active global citizen in each student.  In language arts, the approach shifts from “learning to read” to “reading to learn,” with the students being challenged by a variety of textbook and traditional novel offerings.  In math, our students are consistently challenged to stretch their skills through multiple class offerings.  Science is grounded in the Next Generation Science Standards.  We encourage critical thinking and application through student engagement in both classroom and experiential science engagement.  Religion curriculum focuses on putting into practice “the teaching and Gospel message of Jesus Christ and His Church.”   Not only do Middle School students execute leadership by developing Service Learning opportunities throughout the school, but explicitly during the Most Holy Mass as Lectors, Altar Servers, Cantors, and Aides to younger students.  Through these experiences, St. Timothy prepares each student for the challenges of life, and High School.

Living, Learning & Serving in the Light of Christ