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Students in the intermediate grades at St. Timothy are more independent and earning more responsibility for their education and self-growth.

They learn through a balanced approach of hands-on activities, group work and technology.  As each student learns differently, 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to work in small peer groups for mentoring.  Not only does this benefit the students who need more attention, but it also challenges the advanced students to become more fluent in the material.   All intermediate grade students have 1:1 access to Chromebooks.  Primary areas of focus in the intermediate grades are math, science, social studies, reading/language arts, handwriting and religion.  They also receive additional education in music, Spanish, art, physical education and STREAM.  Service Learning becomes increasingly important in the intermediate grades, with students and their families experiencing and understanding the faith through acting on the Gospel message.  This is accomplished through a year-long service project focusing on investigation, preparation, action, reflection and celebration.  Our goal is to prepare well-rounded students ready to tackle the academic, social and spiritual challenges of the middle grades.

Living, Learning & Serving in the Light of Christ