Speech and Language Services

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Speech and language skills of all our students are considered throughout their time at St. Timothy.

With the help of our teachers, each student’s speech and language skills are assessed and determined to be age-appropriate.  All speech and language skills are considered including articulation (speech sounds), expressive and receptive language skills, pragmatics (social language), voice, and fluency.  A referral for assessment can come from teachers or parents.  After a screening is done and observations have taken place, a recommendation is presented to the parents regarding their child’s individual skills taking into account their age and how their speech and language may impact their classroom performance and/or social interactions.  If it is decided that the child would benefit from speech services, together with the parent and teacher, an Alternative Learning Plan (ALP) is written that includes long term and short term goals that are encouraged to be done at home, as well as through direct services with our speech therapist.  The students are seen individually, within a small group, or in the classroom.

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