Beginning of the Year Information

Dear Parents,


After a few meetings over the past few days, we wanted to take a minute and get you up-to-speed and share some helpful information that will ease the transition back to school.

  • Schedules – With this being a new school year with a new building and staff, we are working daily to get everything running smoothly. With that being said, we are asking for your patience during this time as we continue to establish those new routines. We are planning to give you the most up-to-date information on the Parent Night on August 22nd.
  • Transportation – Please make sure that your child knows how he/she will be getting home each day. Please refer to the calendar that we gave you on Ready, Set, Go night. Please make sure that your child has the calendar with them each day.
    • Bus riders – Each child will be given a star tag that includes all of the information needed to get them safely to their destination. Again, this is new for us having bus transportation so please be patient as we work through the kinks. Delays are to be expected. Make sure your child has his/her star tag with them each day.
    • Car riders – Teachers will be on—hand to supervise and release car riders. Car pick-up will be in the front of the school building. Fortunately, we have many new families and it may take some time to get to know each person who will be picking up the students. Safety is our main priority.
  • Snack – We will have a daily snack time in the morning. Please provide a healthy snack for your child. Be aware that we have several students with severe nut allergies so if you could be mindful of this when preparing your child’s snack, that would be appreciated. Each child should have a water bottle and will have the opportunity to fill them at school.
  • Lunch – Please make sure that your son/daughter knows their lunch plan, whether they are buying a hot lunch or bringing a sack lunch from home.
  • Just a reminder, the students are in uniform the first day of school.
  • Here is the list of their special classes throughout the week:
    • Monday – Mass and Music
    • Tuesday – Technology
    • Wednesday – Gym
    • Thursday – Art
    • Friday – STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Art, Engineering, and Math project class)

We are very excited about this school year and getting to know each child and their family. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our school number is (859)384-5100.


Thank you and God bless!