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The Spanish program at St Timothy School provides students of all ages the experience of a second language as well as the ability to learn about other cultures and traditions.

The primary grades are introduced to the Spanish language through song, dance, crafts, and worksheets.  They learn basic greetings, body parts, animals, numbers, colors, and so much more.  The third graders build off of what was learned in the primary years.  We still use a variety of fun and engaging activities to grab their attention, but work on some speaking skills as well.  The fourth and fifth graders get an introduction to Spanish conversational skills.  They learn greetings, pronouns, conjugations, and basic conversations.  The middle schoolers build on this principal in a more in depth fashion.  They are learning how to  describe what is around them as well as characteristics of people and places.  They are being prepared for what to expect in high school with the hopes that some of them may even test out of their first year of Spanish.  All grades will learn about different hispanic cultures and traditions throughout the year.  We will take a virtual trip around the world and learn about the 21 different countries where Spanish is the primary language.

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